Terms & Conditions

  1. HCL Infosystems Limited having its registered office at 806, Siddharth, 96, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 and Corporate Office at E-4, 5, 6, Sector 11, Noida-201301 ("HCL") hereby offers to Eligible Customers (as defined below), a scheme called HCL Warranty Offer ("Scheme") on the following terms and conditions. This Scheme shall entitle Eligible Customers who have purchased HCL Beanstalk AIO ("Specified Models") (as defined below) within the Scheme Period (as given below), 2 year additional warranty.
    • This Scheme is available only to Eligible Customers across India for purchase of Specified Models between the period commencing on 06th January, 2014 and ending on 30th June, 2014 ("Scheme Period") (inclusive of both dates).
    • The Specified Models must be purchased by the Eligible Customers directly from HCL within the Scheme Period.
    • HCL may in its sole discretion extend, reduce or vary the Scheme Period.
    • Last Date of Online registration for the offer is 03rd July, 2014.
    • This Scheme is open only to Eligible Customers. The term Eligible Customers used herein means any persons, Company, partnership, proprietorship firm, trust, etc. who –
      (i)purchases the Specified Models during the Scheme Period for its personal use and not for resale,
      (ii) Has fulfilled all the registration requirements specified in Clause 3.3 below.
      Eligible Customers shall not include any person (i) who is not a resident of India, and (ii) less than 18 years
    • The term Specified Models used under this Scheme shall include selected model of HCL Beanstalk AIO and such other models as may be identified by HCL in its sole discretion.
    • Registration Requirements - For participating under this Scheme, the Eligible Customers must comply with the process given below.
      (i)Visit the website http://www.hclstore.in/claim_offer, click on HCL Warranty Offer, and accept the terms and conditions of the Scheme.
      (ii)Click on the "Redeem this Offer" button available at the end of the Scheme page, whereby the Eligible Customer will automatically be redirected to the application page
      (iii)On the application page, the Eligible Customer must ensure to correctly fill in all necessary information including, machine serial number, residence address, contact no. etc.
      (iv)Customer has to upload following documents at the time of registration:-
      • Invoice Scan Copy
      (vi) Eligible Customer must save these details filled on the application page to apply for the Scheme.
    • This Scheme cannot be clubbed or combined with any other offer and/or scheme from HCL, whether subsisting now or announced in the future.
    • Eligible Customers who have complied with all the requirements mentioned under this Scheme shall be entitled to receive 2 yrs additional Return to bench warranty.
    • HCL shall not be responsible if the rewards are not delivered and/or the delivery is delayed to the Eligible Customers due to any of the following reasons -
      i.Recipient not available to receive package;
      ii. Incorrect address mentioned at time of registration,
      iii. Any government holidays like bandh, elections, strikes, curfew or any force majeure circumstances not under the control of HCL; Damages during transit;
    • The Eligible Customers shall be solely liable for all costs or expenses related to participation in this Scheme.
    • HCL will not be responsible for damage if the Specified Models are not checked immediately after purchase or delivery and same is not notified promptly to HCL.
    • a. Once the registration requirements mentioned above have been completed by the Eligible Customers -
      i. HCL will process the registration and send the requisite details to its Support team who shall be responsible for handling the logistics and back end support.
      ii. The eligible customer who have purchased HCL Beanstalk AIO ("Specified Models") within the Scheme Period (as given below), will be offered 2 year additional "Return to Bench" warranty,
    • Important:
      • 2 years additional Warranty offer on HCL Beanstalk AIO will not cover ODD, Keyboard & Mouse
      • After routine validation of the documents submitted at the time of registration, a confirmation mail will be sent to the customers informing they are eligible for the offer
      • If the documents are not validated then the customer will become ineligible for the offer & no refunds will be made
    • Participation in this Scheme is voluntary. By choosing to participate in this Scheme, you hereby confirm that you have studied these detailed terms and conditions and agree to be unconditionally bound by the same.
    • Eligible Customer allows HCL to contact them from time to time with any other offers, schemes on HCL products, services and reminders via phone, SMS or other forms of mailers.
    • Any photographs submitted by the Eligible Customers under this Scheme shall become the property of HCL. HCL reserves the right to use the names and/or photographs submitted by the Eligible Customers in any form of publicity or promotion.
    • HCL reserves the rights to modify, extend, discontinue, terminate or cancel the Scheme at any time, without giving any prior notice and without assigning any reason.
    • HCL s decision in respect of the make, model and color of the Specified Models shall be final and no dispute shall be entertained in this regard.
    • All statutory levies and taxes applicable on the rewards, other than VAT on goods and service tax on travel arrangements would be borne by the Eligible Customers.
    • All rewards shall be subject to all applicable laws of India (including without limitation, Income Tax Act, 1962). HCL may require a winner to deposit applicable income tax, if so stipulated by relevant guidelines or regulations of the Income Tax Department.
    • Submission of any false, incorrect, misleading or fraudulent documentation and/or information will result in disqualification of the Eligible Customers from this Scheme and may subject the claimant to civil or criminal liability.
    • The Scheme shall be void, if prohibited by law. In such an event, HCL shall not be liable to provide any other scheme/offer or reward or compensation in lieu thereof.
    • Eligible Customer agrees to hold HCL and/or its directors, employees, officers or representatives harmless from any loss (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss), damage, personal injury, if any, suffered or sustained in connection with their participation in this Scheme or use of rewards.
    • HCL shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performance due to events outside its reasonable control, including without limitation acts of God, earthquake, labor disputes, riots, war, fire, epidemics or delays of common carriers or other circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
    • HCL shall not be liable in any manner to the Eligible Customers or Emphasis for any loss of profit, consequential or indirect damage of any kind arising from a breach or default under the terms and conditions of this Scheme.
 I accept the terms and conditions