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HCL Life Ree-Loaded Offer

Terms and Conditions

HCL Infosystems Ltd having its registered office at 806, Siddharth, 96, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110 019 and corporate office at E- 4, 5, 6, Sector XI, NOIDA - 201301 ( "HCL") hereby offers to Eligible Customers ( as defined below) a scheme called "HCL Life Ree-Loaded Offer 2012" (the "Scheme") on the following

Terms and conditions:

1. The Scheme shall be valid from 27th January, 2012 to 15th February, 2012 (the "Scheme Period", inclusive of both start date and close date). HCL may extend or reduce the Scheme period at its sole discretion. The scheme shall be available only to the Eligible Customers all over India. Application for the Scheme starts from 27th January 2012.

2.  The Scheme is available only on purchase of the HCL's select consumer models of ME Laptops specified below (the "Eligible Models") purchased in the period mentioned in clause 1 from any authorized HCL partner
  ♦ Hcl ME laptops powered by Intel Corei7 , Corei5, Core i3 & Intel Pentium processor based ME Laptops (excluding laptops powered by Intel Atom, Celeron, Pentium Dual Core T4XXX ,Intel ULV processors).

3. Eligible Customers are the persons / legal entities (e.g. Company / partnership / proprietorship firm, trust, etc.) who (i) buys Eligible Models of HCL ME Laptop during the Scheme Period for own use and not for resale and (ii) has fulfilled the registration requirements specified in Clause 7 below. Any person who is not a resident of India and / or of less than 18 years will not be eligible under the Scheme.

4. The Scheme entitles only the Eligible Customers to avail Gifts as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions page of HCL Life Ree-Loaded Offer 2012 on the website www.hclstore.in/claim_offer.

5. Any Eligible Customers, who purchases Machine during the Scheme Period, shall be entitled for Reebok Gear containing a M.S. Dhoni autographed Reebok Track suit, a CD/DVD containing McAfee antivirus software with license for 3 years from date of activation provided the McAfee software is activated within 7 days from the date of receipt (the software warranty and support is a per terms and conditions of McAfee defined in End user licensing agreement)

6. The technical specifications, brand names and weight of all the gift items offered under this scheme shall be as per the discretion of HCL.

7. To participate in the offer, the Eligible Customer must buy an Eligible Model and take the following steps:
 (a) Visit the Website http://www.hclstore.in/claim_offer  and click on HCL Life Ree-Loaded Offer 2012 to accept the terms of the Scheme
(b) After accepting the Terms and Conditions customer is required to apply online for the Product purchased under the Scheme (purchase dates as defined in clause 1) till 21st February 2012. They will be redirected to the application page automatically on clicking the "Redeem this Offer" button at the end of this page.

(c) Customer have to ensure that machine serial number and all necessary details such as address, contact no etc are correctly submitted at the time of application at the Website.

(d) Customer also has to ensure that the size of the gift such as S,M,L,XL,XXL for the track-suit are correctly submitted at the time of application at the Website.

(e)Customer must upload the scan copy of the following at the time of application at the Website

•          MRP Sticker cut-out of the Laptop Outer Carton Box,

•          Invoice 

•          Warranty card

•          Government ID Proof such as DL/Ration Card/Voter ID etc

(f)Customer has to save the details filled at the application page at the website to apply for the offer.

(g) Last date for Application on website is 21st February 2012.

 (h) Once we get complete pre-requisite details from you through uploaded documents, we will register customer for the claim and we will send you a confirmation mail.

 (i) Once HCL gets complete pre-requisite details as explained above , customer shall be registered  for the claim and sent a confirmation mail in same regard

8. HCL shall endeavor to deliver the gifts as per the Scheme within forty five (45) days of acceptance of application  as specified in Clause 7 above, as mentioned during application. HCL shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of gifts.

9. The gift under the scheme shall be delivered by HCL on "AS IS WHERE IS BASIS" without any warranty from HCL. HCL shall not be liable for any warranty on the gifts irrespective of any warranty being offered by the Manufacturer of these Gift items. However, the customer may directly contact the manufacturer for any warranty related services.

10. The Eligible Customer shall be solely liable for costs or expenses, including any tax, related to participation in the Scheme, acceptance and / or use of the Gifts.

11. Any Income tax on the gifts under the scheme if applicable must be borne by the Eligible Customer.

12. HCL reserves the rights to modify, extend, discontinue, terminate or cancel the Scheme at any time without giving any prior notice and without assigning any reason.

13. This Scheme cannot be clubbed or combined with any other offer and/or scheme from HCL, whether subsisting now or announced in the future.

14. The Scheme shall be void, if prohibited by law in any jurisdiction. In such an event, HCL shall not be liable to provide any other scheme/offer or gift or compensation in lieu thereof to customers who are governed by laws of such jurisdiction.

15. HCL's decision in respect of the make, model and colour of the offer items and the gift shall be final and no dispute shall be entertained in this regard.

16. HCL products are also available without this Scheme. Participation in the scheme is voluntary on the part of the Eligible Customer. By choosing to participate in Scheme, the customer signifies unconditional acceptance of all terms & conditions of the scheme.

17. The Participant of the Scheme agrees to hold HCL and/or its directors, employees, officers or representatives harmless from any loss (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss),
damage, personal injury, if any, suffered or sustained in connection with the participation in the Scheme or use of Gift(s)
18. HCL reserves the right to use the names and / or photographs of any Participant under the Scheme in any form of publicity or promotion, without incurring liability to compensate the Participant any fees or charges for such use.

19. As a participant, customer agrees to allow HCL to contact him/her from time to time with any other offers on HCL products and services and reminders (e.g. Annual Maintenance Contract after expiry of warranty) by phone / SMS / mailers or in person.

20. The photographs, if any, submitted by customer or taken by HCL as a voluntary participant to the contest shall become the property of HCL upon receipt thereof. HCL reserves the right to use the names and / or photographs submitted by the contestants or winner/s in any form of publicity or promotion, without incurring liability to compensate the winners any fees or charges for such use.

21. In no event shall HCL's maximum liability towards a customer exceed one hundred per cent of the declared value of the Gift, subject to maximum of Rs.5000/- only. 

22. HCL shall not be responsible for failure to act on account of events beyond its reasonable control ("Force Majeure").  

23. The existence of dispute, if any, shall not by itself constitute a claim against HCL.  Any disputes arising from or in relation to this Scheme shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Delhi Courts. 

 24. The above list is representative, for detailed Terms & conditions please refer to HCL standard terms and conditions.


***************End of Terms & Conditions***************

 I accept the terms and conditions